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Book of Mormon – Lesson 21

“Alma … Did Judge Righteous Judgments”

Taught By Jeff Stone

June 15, 2008


Mosiah 29; Alma 1, 2, 3, 4

Lesson Details:

This week’s lesson covered the end of King Mosiah’s life and the new form of government established by Mosiah. In Mosiah 29 we find that Mosiah does not want to continue a Monarchy style of government. He changes from a Monarchy/Theocracy to a new system of judges that works much like a Democratic, Republic and Theocracy all rolled into one.

Mosiah new that having another king could lead to situations like King Noah where the king was unworthy to lead the people, so he created the system of judges to help keep the government in line, so to speak.

Peace for a while:

There was peace for a while, but in Alma 1 we learn of a man named Nehor. Basically, he attempted to flatter the people and lead people away from the church. He got into an argument with Gideon who was one of the faithful servants of King Limhi. Because Nehor became angry with Gideon, he killed Gideon. Nehor was put to death, however, by this point his work had spread throughout the land and there were priest crafts and wickedness in abundance.

Another Split:

In Alma 2 and Alma 3 we learn of another great division among the people. The chart below shows the split that happened after Nehor died. The first half of the chart is a layout of the people of Zarahemla. As mentioned in last week’s lesson, lesson 20, we learned of the four groups in Zarahemla and how the changed their names to “Nephites.”

Once the damage was done by Nehor, another came following in his footsteps. His name was Amilici. He wanted to be king and led many people away. Many of the Nephites began calling themselves Amlicites. So now, at this point in the Book of Mormon, we are dealing with three major groups as outline below (Amlicites, Nephites and Lamanites).

We also discover that the Amlicites and the Lamanites join forces against the Nephites. The Amlicites marked their foreheads so that they could be distinguished as “Not Nephites.” This was a fulfillment of a prophecy. In Alma 3:14–19, Mormon reminds us of this prophecy.

The Life Long War:

Because of the actions of the Lamanites and Amlicites, it became more and more clear to Alma the Younger that this war of good vs. evil will continue to go on, and people will continue to lose their testimony and leave the church.

So in an effort to curtail this and hopefully change the hearts of the people, Alma resigns as Chief Judge and spends his time as a full time missionary/representative of the church.

In Lesson 22, we will learn more about his ministry and teachings.