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Book of Mormon – Lesson 19

“None Could Deliver Them But The Lord”

Taught By Jeff Stone

June 1, 2008


Mosiah 17, Mosiah 18, Mosiah 19, Mosiah 20, Mosiah 21, Mosiah 22, Mosiah 23, Mosiah 24

Lesson Details:

This week, we did a review of the travels and the main locations we are currently covering. For more details about the travels, download the “Travels” Handout. It covers several different events and is very well illustrated.

We also reviewed the structure of the Book of Mormon. For details regarding this, download the “Book of Mormon” Handout. This is a color representation of the various plates and overall structure of the Book of Mormon.

Finally, we reviewed the succession of the kings for both The Land of Zarahemla and The Land of Lehi-Nephi:

Zarahemla Order of Kings:
  1. Mosiah The First (Omni 1:19)
  2. Benjamin (Omni 1:23)
  3. Mosiah The Second (Mosiah 6:3)
Lehi-Nephi Order of Kings:
  1. Zeniff (Mosiah 7:9, Mosiah 21-22; Mosiah 9:1)
  2. Noah (Mosiah 11:1)
  3. Limhi (Mosiah 19:26)

One final note, please make sure to remember while reading Alma and Mosiah, pay close attention to the dates at the bottom of the pages.

These chapters bounce around a bit, and you see Mormon doing his best to compile multiple stories and timelines that parallel each other.

Because of this, there are several cases where some of the chapters will seem to back track and retell parts of the story.

Setting The Example: The Ordinances

In Mosiah 18 we see that Alma has escaped from King Noah, has written down all of the words of Abinadi and has begun teaching them to many followers. We see that Alma is setting an example for us by following the first principles and ordinances of the gospel, namely: Faith in The Lord Jesus Christ, Repentance, and Baptism by Immersion at the Waters of Mormon.

We learn what it means to be a true follower of Christ:

Remember that the Book Of Mormon is for us, and here is a great example of why. We are taught by example the first principles and ordinances of the gospel and we are shown through the words of Alma and Abinadi how to Truly follow Christ.

Death By Fire: The Prophesy

Abinadi warned in Mosiah 12:3 that King Noah would be “…as a garment in a hot furnace.” Sure enough, we find out in Mosiah 19:20 that King Noah suffered death by fire.

The reason this is important is because this is another of many examples where we see both the prophesy and the fulfillment of the prophesy recorded in the scriptures. This simply adds to the testimony of the truthfulness of a) the scriptures and b) the prophets.

Remember, we have our own living prophet today to lead and guide us. Scriptures like these only further validate my own testimony of the Prophet’s divine role and calling.

Freedom From Bondage: The Delivery

Compare Mosiah 23 and Mosiah 24 with Mosiah 20, Mosiah 21and Mosiah 22 and you will quickly discover the difference between Limhi’s people being freed and Alma’s people being freed. Limhi’s people were stubborn, but Alma’s people were humble. The result: slow delivery for Limhi; immediate delivery for Alma.

The lesson here is yet another example taken from the pages of Alma’s life: humility = delivery. I read a great book by Stephen E. Robinson called Believing Christ. It’s an excellent premise. Basically the question is, you believe in Christ, but do you Believe Him?

Do you believe that He truly will bridge the gap between your flaws and salvation or exaltation? If you believe Him, then you (we) will exercise faith and humility which will lead to our delivery, our salvation, our exaltation.

Final Thoughts

If the Book of Mormon was written for us, and it was truly compiled by Mormon with the direction of The Savior, then we must ask ourselves, why did Mormon include this part or that part, etc.

When we prayerfully ask this question with an open mind and heart, we will find truth and inspiration in the words found in the Book of Mormon. This lesson is proof of that very principle. We have seen examples of gospel principles and ordinances in action. We have seen reward for humility and turning to The Lord. We have seen how to live as Christ would have us live.

To Joseph Smith’s Testimony that “ would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book,” I would like to add my own that The Book of Mormon is the word of God and in it we will find salvation by living by it’s principles. That is my testimony in the Name of Jesus Christ… Amen.