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Gospel Doctrine - Unofficially Speaking

Here you will find various resources to aid in your study of Gospel Doctrine. For each lesson you can be prepared ahead of time by know what the Reading Assignments are. You can Review the Lessons after church, and you can download any Handouts and Visual Aids used in class.

In addition to that you also have access to various Websites and Resources I’ve come across in my research and studies. Also, you can get on the email list. Then each time the site is updated, you’ll receive an email letting you know.

Mormon Messages Videos Selection

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This site is meant to be a compilation of resources and a place to get printouts and handouts that I’ve used over the years in the various wards where I’ve taught the Gospel Doctrine Class. This site is not an attempt to be a source of official doctrine. On Occasion, there will be notes and explanations that were used in class. When preparing lessons and attempting to understand doctrine, I study and ponder all material prayerfully and constantly seek to gain the guidance and direction of the spirit. However, I (Jeff Stone) take full responsibility for the content, and any mistakes are mine and mine alone.